Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mock Trial Season is Here!

Mock Trial Season is Here!

The new case: post-Super Storm Sandy, State v. Jordan Abrams Teacher-coaches and lawyer-coaches entering their teams in the Foundation’s award-winning Vincent J. Apruzzese High School Mock Trial Competition—now in its 34th season—attended a late October workshop on the finer points of preparing for competition. The response was as enthusiastic as ever, with more than 180 participants from all over the
The Hon. Mark A. Baber, Superior Court, Hudson County, presided while two teams enacted their versions of the 2016 case for the packed auditorium. The fictional criminal case involved a break-in and its deadly aftermath at a Jersey Shore home not long after the devastation of Super Storm Sandy. The basics: Late one evening disaster again struck a shore family when Chris Pavano and three other teenage intruders smashed their way into Jordan Abrams’ beach house, resulting in a death. Was Pavano’s death a result of self-defense? Or did homeowner Abrams shoot him for other reasons?

Courtroom artists Aggie Kenny and Elizabeth Williams drew the mock trial that was presented at this event along with student, Kara O'Brien.

Below are selections from the event and staged mock trial by Kenny and Williams:

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